Here at the Engine Room we have state of the art gym suite kitted out with cardiovascular machines (treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainers etc.) to give your heart and lunges a great workout and our extensive range of resistance machines offer you a variety of stations to work every major muscle group in the body. Which will give you every opportunity to reach your health and fitness goals.

Free weights room

Our free weights room will provide you with everything you need to focus your training on specific areas to improve your strength power and build. It is not only stocked with dumbbells (ranging from 2.5kg right up to 45kg), bars, plates, benches and racks, we also have a sports floor which provides you with extra cushioning while you work out, helping to enhance performance and prevent injury while you train.

Workout Studio

We have a workout studio complete with a sprung floor, which helps to enhance your performance and prevent injury during classes. Just some of the classes we run are:

  • HIIT Training
  • Pump
  • Fitsteps
  • Zumba
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Check out our classes page for more info!

Functional Training Room

This is a lovely space to help with your core stability and training. This isn’t a room dedicated to crunches and sit ups the difference between core and abdominal training is that you’re not just targeting the front side of the body but the back side as well. A core workout will also include the erector spinae, which are he muscles that make up your back, and also your glutes. A movement that works your core is going to work more than one muscle group, and you’re going to see results a lot fasterand this is the place to do it!!

Indoor Cycling Room

That’s right we have a whole room dedicated to static bikes! Not only will you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness its also a great stress reliever and due to the bikes a great low impact activity for those with niggly knees and hip issues!

Changing facilities

We have cosy ladies and gents changing rooms which offer you the chance to get ready for your workout and shower before going home, or visiting our coffee area. We offer locker facilities to keep your belongings in while you work out.

Coffee area

Come and have a relax after your workout in our coffee area – we sell tea, coffee and soft drinks as well as a few tasty pre and post workout snacks and a wide range of protein shakes. Perfect for resting those aching muscles and having a chat with other members before you make your way back home.

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